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Check out these photo montage videos for two songs off of Global Thermonuclear War, available for free download on Dead Unicorn’s website:

Occupy for End Times

protestHey folks what’s new? For us, lots of goings on.

Nightmares for a Week is going on tour with Gameday Regulars so all you East Coast soon-to-be flood victims make sure to check that one out.

Speaking of tour, Time Travels went on one and had a blast. Frank is a harmonic heartthrob and genius songwriter and we hope you enjoyed his company. He’s still out there if you’re looking for some real music.

Dead Unicorn is up to no good in the basement below a fur vault (fur was like gold back in the day) putting the finishing touches on songs for their upcoming 3rd album, Pandemic. You guessed it, everyone gets the flu and dies. They’ll be kicking off a crowd-funding effort and announcing some big plans later this year.

MFET Teams with Time Travels


Though By Land or Sea may no longer be with us, we have, in its wake, two formidable music forces in Battle Ave and Time Travels, where the beloved labelmates parted ways to pursue two incredible music projects.

We are lucky to continue working with Frank McGinnis, who eminates a smirking, dark charisma with his inimitable sonogwriting prowess. His latest effort, Time Travels, is a deep and dynamic LP of heartwrentching, sharp-edged indie pop that deserves your consideration. Please visit Time Travels today.

Happy 2011 from Music for End Times

New Years

Happy new year End Times fans! For the last few years our bands have performed on New Years, but this year we took the day off to celebrate an awesome 2010, and an exciting year to come! Thanks to you as always for making this possible. Here are the highlights–


2010 – In December, Nightmares for a Week released their debut LP ‘Don’t Die’ on Academy Fight Song records. They made Best of 2010 lists, charted in the CMJ Top 200 and achieved critical acclaim from Alternative Press and others. We also shot a killer video for “Veins”.

2011 – Promoting ‘Don’t Die’ with a bunch of New York tour dates, eyeing a national tour in the summer of ’11. Lots of other exciting things we can’t talk about yet, suffice to say the year looks rad for NFAW.


2010 – In July, Dead Unicorn released ‘Global Thermonuclear War’ on the Music for End Times imprint. It was downloaded hundreds of times for free online and sold out a limited CD run. Well received by the band’s patient fan base, having waited nearly two years for its release.

2011 – Dead Unicorn is currently in The Bomb Shelter writing material for their third LP, with its theme of biological apocalypse. Release is planned for the second half of ’11 via a highly viral marketing campaign.


2010 – In August, By Land or Sea released ‘Hell Broke Loose’ to the acclaim of their dedicated followers. The band continued to win over new fans with powerful live performances.

2011 – More exciting stuff from the By Land or Sea camp is forthcoming, including a solo project by singer/songwriter Frank McGinnis.

Nightmares for a Week – Don’t Die released today!

Hey folks, Don’t Die was officially released today! As the band gets ready for their official release show here in our home town of Kingston (more info here), we wanted to let you know you can pick up a copy at the Academy Fight Song store here. They’ve even got special package deals with T-shirts and stuff.

We’re also starting to get the first reviews back on the new album, and they’re good! The album got three and a half stars from Alternative Press (check out the review here) who said Nightmares was good at “firing raspy vocal trade-offs in expert fashion”. The Onion AV Club also gave them a great review (check it out here). Favorite line? “If that kind of emotive, unguarded approach sounds quaint at this point in punk history, that’s punk’s fault, not this band’s.” It’s not their fault!

In other magazine love news, they’re about to crush this Magnet Magazine fan poll on what album folks are most looking forward to this week.

Nightmares for a Week video – “Veins”