Nightmares for a Week – Don’t Die released today!

Hey folks, Don’t Die was officially released today! As the band gets ready for their official release show here in our home town of Kingston (more info here), we wanted to let you know you can pick up a copy at the Academy Fight Song store here. They’ve even got special package deals with T-shirts and stuff.

We’re also starting to get the first reviews back on the new album, and they’re good! The album got three and a half stars from Alternative Press (check out the review here) who said Nightmares was good at “firing raspy vocal trade-offs in expert fashion”. The Onion AV Club also gave them a great review (check it out here). Favorite line? “If that kind of emotive, unguarded approach sounds quaint at this point in punk history, that’s punk’s fault, not this band’s.” It’s not their fault!

In other magazine love news, they’re about to crush this Magnet Magazine fan poll on what album folks are most looking forward to this week.

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