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Music for End Times is an artist management company and independent record label. Currently we work with Dead Unicorn and Nightmares for a week.


MFET-01 • 2007
Yellowstone Supervolcano | Dead Unicorn (CD/Digital LP)
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MFET-02 • 2008
A Flood Tomorrow | Nightmares for a Week (CD-EP)
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MFET-03 • 2009
So Much for Us: Scenes from Woodstock/Kingston Underground Music | Zac Shaw (book)
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MFET-04 • 2010
Global Thermonuclear War | Dead Unicorn (digital LP)
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MFET-05 • 2010
Death Mountain | Stage Select (digital LP)
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MFET-06 • 2010
Snake Electronics | SNKELCTRNXXX (digital EP)
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MFET-07 • 2011
Time Travels | Time Travels (digital LP)
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MFET-08 • 2013
Pandemic | Dead Unicorn (vinyl, CD & digital LP)
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In 2009, Dead Unicorn worked with video producer Chris Rahm to create a video for submission to the Ford Fiesta Movement contest. The band was chosen as one of one hundred social media mavens, and in the process won a free 2011 Ford Fiesta and free gas for six months. What followed was a whirlwind of exposure as the band rubbed elbows with Ford’s president and senior marketing staff and YouTube celebrities. Watch the videos and read about their experience here.

Following the success of the Ford Fiesta videos, Chris, Zac and Paul have joined forces with musician/actor Joe Maggio to form a video production team called Daring Handsome Killing Machine. The team has produced many clips for YouTube as well as a music video for Nightmares for a Week’s “Veins”.

That same year the band began working with producer/musician Sean-Paul Pillsworth to track their new album. Sean-Paul plays bass for Nightmares for a Week, and Zac worked with the band to develop their business strategy and promote their debut EP A Flood Tomorrow, which was eventually picked up and digitally released by Broken English Records.

In 2010, Music for End Times fully embraced its new approach by announcing the release of Dead Unicorn’s sophomore record Global Thermonuclear War for free online. This year also marks a huge leap forward for Nightmares for a Week, who recently signed with Academy Fight Song to release their debut LP.

Around the same time we also began working with Kingston, NY natives By Land or Sea to promote their new self-released LP Hell Broke Loose. Unfortunately the band split up later in 2010, but in 2011 we teamed up again with songwriter Frank McGinnis to release his self-titled album for his solo project Time Travels.

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